Dental Implants


Dental Implants: Are you one of the 70 million people in the United States missing some or all of your teeth? If missing teeth or dentures is a current problem for you, the solution may be dental implants in San Rafael CA. Dental implants have become the best option for replacing missing or diseased teeth. A dental implant offers support and stability to the mouth by acting as a healthy root. A crown is the restoration that attaches to the implant and appears as beautiful healthy tooth. Dental implants are stronger than teeth, usually permanent, don’t get cavities and are the most natural replacement regarding function and cosmetics.

San Francisco dental implants are a replacement of both the tooth and the root. They are made out of high grade titanium. All manufacturers of dental implants are not the same. Dr. Seda and his team have taken the time and effort to research the differences between implant companies/manufacturers. We pride ourselves in utilizing companies that are backed by research. You will often find that doctors placing dental implants in San Francisco do not have the proper training and/or use lower grades of titanium in the dental implants that they place.

Missing teeth can be debilitating and embarrassing for the following reasons:

  1. Nutrition suffers
  2. Your smile may not look the way you desire
  3. Your teeth have moved and fallen into empty spaces
  4. You cannot eat the foods you enjoy
  5. Your dentures slip or fall out when talking or eating

Why Choose us for Dental Implants in Marin County?

Seek gum disease treatment in Marin County.Dr. Seda is proud to offer dental implants at his periodontal practice in San Rafael. Dental implants have a 98% success rate because only licensed periodontists can place them. Dr. Seda, a licensed periodontist in Marin County, specializes in placing dental implants.

If you are unable to get dental implants until you get a bone graft or treat gum disease, Dr. Seda is the periodontist for you! He can help prepare you for the dental implant so you are the best possible candidate for the treatment. When placed by a professional like Dr. Seda, your dental implants can last a lifetime. Call us to see if you are a candidate!

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The advantage of dental implants over more conventional therapies are the following:

  1. Less invasive – no cutting down of adjacent, natural teeth for a bridge
  2. Very little to no discomfort during and after the placement process – most of our patients report that they are shocked how little discomfort they had throughout the treatment process
  3. Stronger – research shows dental implants are up to eight times stronger than teeth
  4. Cosmetic – they look just like teeth, giving a natural appearance to your smile
  5. Less expensive – The 20 year survival rate of dental implants has been shown to be greater than 98%. Therefore, they are many times a one-time therapy and don’t need to be replaced like conventional crown and bridges might due to cavities (expected life span is 12 years for crown and bridge)
  6. No cavities
  7. Very functional – there are little to no diet restrictions with dental implants

For premiere dental implants in the San Francisco area, call Seda Perio today. Dr. Seda has many years of experience in dental implant surgery, ensuring your dental implants can last a lifetime. Located in San Rafael, CA, Dr. Seda's office is just outside of San Francisco. Call today to schedule a consultation!


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