Dental Implants 101 in Marin County, California


Tooth decay, injury, and periodontal disease are causing millions of Americans to lose their teeth. Having a missing tooth in your smile can lead to several oral health and self esteem issues. These range from speech impediments and chewing difficulties to embarrassment. Fortunately, our implant dentist in Marin County can help! Dental implants are continuing to grow in popularity as one of the best dental procedures for missing teeth concerns.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement teeth with roots. What this means is when you lose a tooth for whatever reason, you end up with a large hole in your mouth. Many people turned to bridges and dentures to continue looking as though their smile was complete, but this was not always the best solution. Dental implants allow you to have a natural looking tooth, giving you a complete smile once again. The dental implant will use a titanium screw (or similar material) that your implant dentist embeds into the jaw. Once the jaw bone fuses with the metal, it is strong enough to withstand a great deal of pressure. He will then create a dental crown or cap and fasten it to the screw and abutment held into the jaw bone. The dental implant looks and acts like a traditional tooth, allowing you to have a natural-looking smile once again.

Why Choose Us for Dental Implants?

When done correctly, dental implants can last a lifetime. And since it is an investment, why wouldn't you want a skilled periodontist in Marin County to do it? Dr. Seda is the implant dentist for you! He has many years of experience placing dental implants, and his patients enjoy talking, smiling, and eating without worry that their teeth would fall out. 

Not sure if you qualify or if dental implants are right for you? Give us a call and ask! We are happy to answer any questions. Dr. Seda has worked with patients of all different needs, so you can be sure he will take care of you!

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Dental Implant Advantages

If you would like a permanent replacement for a missing tooth, a dental implant is a great idea. Schedule an appointment with our implant dentist in Marin County, CA, to learn more about dental implants and determine if you are a candidate. Here are some other reasons why dental implants are the right choice for a missing tooth:

  • Permanent solution – Dental implants provide a long-term solution to a missing tooth. Dental bridges need you to have dental work completed on other teeth. Conversely, dental implant only involves the area of the mouth where the tooth is missing. A dental implant will be able to last for the duration of your lifetime if you care for them like traditional teeth.
  • Improved appearance – If you have a missing tooth, it can be embarrassing to smile. A dental implant restores your smile, allowing you to avoid the embarrassment of smiling without a tooth present. Dental implants can give a much-needed self-esteem boost to many people who have suffered from a missing tooth for years. A dental implant also prevents the bone from deteriorating, which causes the face to start sinking in. If you want to improve your appearance, a dental implant is a great solution.
  • Improved speech – A missing tooth not only shifts a smile, it can impact your speech. A dental implant allows the tongue to have a surface area to press against when speaking. Dental implants give you back control over your speech so you are no longer slurring your words or mumbling.
  • Easier eating – Dental implants make it easier for people to eat as you have plenty of teeth to chew upon. Sliding dentures and dental bridges can make chewing challenging. Dental implants function like a traditional tooth, making it easier to eat and drink with ease.
  • Improved oral health - When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate. Dental implants stimulate the jaw bone, keeping it healthy and strong. Dental implants help to keep the surrounding teeth healthy. With basic flossing and brushing, you will be able to keep the jaw and gums healthy to ensure the implant will remain successful.
  • Convenience - Dental implants do not need removal from the mouth the way a denture does, and they do not need special flossing picks and procedures like dental bridges. A dental implant is convenient as it does become part of your mouth. No embarrassment over removing it to clean it, or carrying around denture glue in fear that it will fall out.

Dental Implant Procedure

You will need to meet with a specialist to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Some patients will need bone grafting to strengthen the jaw bone before your dentist places the implant. Once the jaw bone is strong, the dental implant will be surgically inserted into the jaw bone with an abutment placed on top of the gums. The abutment is the attachment piece to hold the dental crown in place. Some patients can have a complete procedure completed in two visits. Others might need three or more appointments to ensure the implant's placement is correct. Dental implants have a 98% success rate and can last a lifetime with proper care. The healing process following the implant normally takes six to 12 weeks. The procedure has minimal discomfort as the healing process begins. We use anesthesia to calm the patient and numb the area where we perform the procedure. If you experience severe pain, call Dr. Seda, our Marin County implant dentist, immediately as it could be another problem.

Am I a Candidate?

When it comes to dental implants in Marin County, CA, it is important to meet with a specialist to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. If you are healthy enough for a dental extraction or other dental procedures, you may be healthy enough for an implant. It is important to discuss your health history with your dentist as certain conditions could impact the dental implant. Patients with significant bone loss or those with serious health conditions may not be eligible for a dental implant. If you are a smoker or consume tobacco, it can also have an impact on the success rate of the implant. To determine if you are a candidate, it is best to schedule an appointment with our periodontist to discuss your health and your dental implant needs.
To learn more about dental implants in Marin County, call Dr. Seda today to schedule your appointment and restore your smile!

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