Oral Cancer Screening in Marin County, California

Oral Cancer Screening in Marin County, CAOral pathology involves diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth such as cysts, tumors, and precancerous and cancerous lesions.  Many patients experience unusual changes in the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, or throat that may be caused by disease.  Diagnosing diseases in the mouth as early as possible is very important.  The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the faster treatment and healing can begin. 

What can I expect during the exam?

Your doctor may perform a number of tests or exams to determine what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing and diagnose the disease.  Usually, biopsy or tissue removal is the best way to determine a diagnosis as the sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis. 

Why Choose us For Oral Cancer Screening In Marin County

Seek gum disease treatment in Marin County.Dr. Seda is an experienced periodontist in Marin County. With all his years of extra training on top of dental school, he is one of the best people to ask about oral cancer screenings. He knows about all the warning signs and risk factors that could lead to oral cancer, and can help you spot them early and seek treatment.

When it comes to anything with your dental or overall health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Talk to Dr. Seda about getting oral cancer screening if you believe you are at risk. Even if you don't think you have a risk for oral cancer, it is better to be sure than to be surprised later on. Get a professional's opinion from Dr. Seda, your Marin County periodontist!

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How will I be treated?

Treatments vary depending on the type of disease that is present.  Each patient’s needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis in order to achieve the best results.  Our office is dedicated to making any procedure performed as comfortable as possible.  



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