Pinhole Surgical Technique

Why Gum Recession Matters

Do you realize how important your gum tissue is? Besides framing your teeth, gum tissue serves important roles in your mouth. These include offering support to your dental sockets and keeping bacteria from invading deeper into your jaw. Gum tissue also helps to provide a flexible anchor for your teeth, making it less likely to lose teeth if you suffer an impact to the face. Unfortunately, when gum tissue is damaged, it can’t do its job.

Facial trauma, daily aggressive brushing, oral decay, and even simple genetics can cause people to struggle with gum recession. It can make your smile look older and putting your dental health at risk. If gum tissue recedes enough, the teeth can become loose or completely fall out. Additionally, gum recession allows food particles and bacteria to accumulate along your dental roots, which are more susceptible to decay. Dr. Seda uses an effective modern technique to resolve gum recession called the Pinhole Surgical Technique, or PST.

Understanding Traditional Gum Surgery

To appreciate the benefits of pinhole surgery, it is important to take a step back to understand traditional gum surgery. Before pinhole surgery, the only way to remedy gum recession was by harvesting a gum graft from inside the mouth. The periodontist cuts a flap around the area of exposure, and stitches it into place. It's a bloody and uncomfortable procedure! Patients had many wound sites, stitches to take care of, and an uncomfortable recovery.

To eliminate these problems, the pinhole surgical technique was invented in the early 2000’s. During pinhole surgery, your Marin periodontist makes an incision about the size of a pinhole in the gum tissue above the affected area. Next, they use proprietary tools to gently lift and push the gum tissue downward to cover the exposure. Since gum tissue is made of collagen, small collagen strips are then inserted into the tunnel to encourage healing and to keep the tissue in place.

Why Choose Dr. Seda?

Seek gum disease treatment in Marin County.The Pinhole Surgical Technique is one of the most effective and minimally-invasive ways to treat gum disease. Because it is such a specialized procedure, only a few people are certified to perform it. Dr. Seda is one of those people. He trained with other periodontists in the nation to learn this special technique to better serve his patients in Marin County.

Dr. Seda has many years of experience performing the Pinhole surgial technique, so you can rest easy knowing your gum disease will be effectively treated. Want to know if you are a candidate? Give us a call today to learn more!

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Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Tecnhique

Improved Comfort

Pinhole surgery is an uninvasive procedure that doesn’t need long incisions or stitches. Because there are no large cuts made inside the mouth during the procedure, the surgery is easy for patients. In fact, all a patient needs to remain comfortable during pinhole surgery is a local anesthetic, like what you would receive for a cavity.

Faster Procedure Time

Traditional gum grafting took a long time, which could be difficult for patients. But, during pinhole surgery, your periodontist can treat up to 15 teeth at the same time. This helps in reducing the procedure time. Because so many teeth can be treated at the same time, most patients only need one or two PST treatments to achieve results.

Instant Results

The results of the procedure are effective immediately! Patients won’t have to live with ongoing dental sensitivity because of exposed roots, and the smile looks better right away.

Simple Recovery

Recovering from pinhole surgery is simple, although you need special care to protect the relocated gum tissue. After your procedure, you should avoid brushing and flossing for 24 hours. You also shouldn’t eat any hard or crunchy foods until your Marin County periodontist recommends it. You can control any pain and swelling with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory. You should report any strange symptoms as soon as they occur.

Is Pinhole Surgery Right For You?

To find out if pinhole surgery is right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Seda today to learn more about the procedure. Good candidates for pinhole surgery commit to ongoing dental care and avoid activities that could harm the gum tissue in the future. During your pinhole surgery consultation, your Marin periodontist will inspect your gums to determine your level of injury. He can also talk with you about ways to prevent gum erosion, and provide other restorative treatments to give you the smile you have always dreamed of.




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