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Periodontist Dr. Michael Seda

Marin Contemporary Perio & Implant Concepts

Periodontist Dr. Michael Seda

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Meet Dr. Michael Seda

Marin County's Choice For Specialized Periodontal Treatment & Implantology

As a Harvard University and Columbia University trained periodontist in Marin County, CA, Dr. Michael Seda offers a wide range of periodontal and dental implant services to Marin County and San Francisco, CA. We treat referred and non-referred patients in a peaceful, modern setting, and are committed to partnering with all of our patients throughout their treatment.

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READ : Dr. Michael Seda Recently Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle "Bay Area Dentists Spot 2020 Stress in Clenched Jaws and Cracked Teeth" 

We are Marin County & Greater San Francisco's Choice For Specialized Periodontal Treatment & Implantology

Dr. Seda is a specially trained laser periodontist in Marin County, and brings his patients in Marin County and San Francisco the only FDA cleared laser designed to treat gum disease. The PerioLase® MVP-7 is used during the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure to remove gum disease while stimulating bone regeneration and triggering healing as well as removal. This laser gum surgery in Marin County is unique in that only one percent of dental professionals in the country are trained to offer this laser gum surgery. In Marin County and San Francisco, patients are privileged to have their periodontist in Marin County as part of this elite group of trained professionals. When you come into our office, you can expect a friendly and professional dental team. Dr. Seda will listen carefully to your dental goals and provide a custom treatment plan that works with your budget and needs. We want you to fall in love with your smile again, so all our services are performed with the patient in mind. We want you to feel comfortable in the dental chair, and to feel confident in our work. If you have any questions about the LANAP surgery or other gum disease treatment options, please give us a call!

Your periodontist in Marin County, CA also offers modern dental implants to Marin County and San Francisco patients with missing teeth. Dental implants are a successful tooth replacement option because they are asthetically pleasing, and they strengthen your jaw bone! Because they are attached to your jaw bone, patients with dental implants in Marin County have titanium posts supporting the structure of their jaw, preventing deterioration. When cared for properly, they can last a lifetime!

Dental implants, when placed by a specialist, have over a 98% success rate. Dr. Seda maintains that success rate by choosing his patients carefully. There are some factors that may prevent you from getting dental implants, such as tobacco use or cancer history. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Seda, and he can check your dental health and history and help you devise a treatment plan. With proper dental care and some prior treatments, most people are dental implant candidates.

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No other dental restoration is as reliable and secure as dental implants. Surgically placed in the jawbone, implants provide the stability that you need to chew, speak and smile naturally. If you get your implants from your Marin County periodontist, you can expect excellent care. Dental implants have a 98% success rate because they are placed by specialists like Dr. Seda. And, when cared for properly, your implants can last a lifetime!

Periodontal Services

The soft tissue / gum grafting procedure helps correct gum recession, aids tooth sensitivity, improves the aesthetics of the smile, and protects exposed tooth roots from erosion and decay. If you get gum grafts from a San Rafael periodontist, you can expect professional care and excellent procedures. Our goal is to help you love your smile again, so we make sure you are comfortable, confident in our skills, and ready for the procedure.

Specialized Dentistry

Sedation allows all patients the ability to relax during their dental procedure. Those with dental anxiety or those who are simply nervous about their procedure should inquire about sedation options! We understand that some people have dental anxiety. We don't want that fear to stop you from going to the dentist! We want you to have and keep a healthy mouth, so we are happy to offer different options to keep you comfortable and calm in our dental chair.

Marin Contemporary Perio & Implant Concepts is conveniently located in San Rafael, CA but graciously serves the greater northern San Franciso Metro and all of Marin County and Surrounding areas including : Oakland, Berkeley, Corte Madre, Sausalito, Ross, Belvedere, Kentfield, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Tamalpais, San Anselmo, Larkspur and Novato.


Marin County's Choice For Specialized Periodontal Treatment & Implantology